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GreenAndWhite Heritage - History - Birth of 7 Kennedy Road

Birth of 7 Kennedy Road

SJC during World War I (1914-1918)

During the war period 1914-1918, St. Joseph's had a somewhat chequered career. The staff was considerably depleted since many nobly responded to the calls of their respective countries. School work had to be carried out under very difficult conditions.

Earthquake damaging School Campus

An epoch-making event in the history of the college occurred in March 1918 when an earthquake lasting 50 seconds struck the Colony. The old college building, especially the wings, was badly damaged that it was determined by the Government to be unsafe.

The brothers took possession of the former Club Germania in Kennedy Road on 3rd September 1918. Shortly afterwards the College was moved to the Club Germania which had become untenanted since the outbreak of the war.

Taking-Over Club Germania

The building, situated at 7 Kennedy Road, remained to be the present site. The new premises were well suited as a hotel for the staff and boarders, but wholly deficient in accommodation for the classrooms. To complete the reorganisation of the College, a larger school building was erected. The new building was formally opened by the Governor Sir Stubbs, and was ready for occupation in September 1921.

In 1962 Club Germania was demolished and the existing New Building took its place.

Club Germania
The Existing Old Building



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