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GreenAndWhite Heritage - History - New Building at Kennedy Road

New Building at Kennedy Road

Demolishment of Club Germania

In 1962, the Club Germania was demolished and a modern eight-storey building at 7 Kennedy Road, now known as the New Building, was erected. Brother Nicet Joseph, Superior General of the Brothers, laid the Foundation Stone of the New Building on 14th June 1962. Brother Nicet Joseph descended the laying of the foundation, which was blessed by Mgr. Lawrence Bianchi, Roman Catholic Bishop of Hong Kong as "symbol of the achievements of the Brothers" work in 89 years in the colony.

Governor Sir Robert Black officiated at the opening of the main block and the new Li Shek Pang Hall, referred as New Hall now, in October 1963. Brother Brendan was the principal of Chong Gene Hang College in 1970. He reunited with the Lord in March 1998.



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