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GreenAndWhite Heritage - History - Centenary of La Salle Brothers' Arrival

Centenary Year of La Salle Brothers' arrival in Hong Kong

Celebration of the Centenary

In 1975 St. Joseph's celebrated the Centenary year of La Salle Brothers’ arrival in Hong Kong. To commemorate the occasion, the old boys of the College held a Dinner Dance on 21 February in the Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel.

The Christian Brothers' School Athletic Meet was held on 28th February in the Government Stadium, Governor Sir Murray MacLehose was the guest-of-honour. Brother Patrick Tierney was principal from 1974-1986 and was then the principal of La Salle College till 2000. The Students' Union was established in 1981.

Centenary Open Day

On 1st and 2nd March, the Centenary Open Day was held. The Director of Education, K.W.J. Topley officiated the ceremony.




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