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GreenAndWhite Heritage - Lasallian Arrival - SJC at Robinson Road

St. Joseph's College at Robinson Road

New School Campus at Robinson Road

In 1881 there were more than 300 students enrolled. Buxley Lodge was found to be too small. A piece of land in Glenealy below Robinson Road was bought in March. Matsheds were erected to be used as classrooms until the new College Building was completed.

New Wings at Glenealy

The Governor, Sir John Pope Hennessy contributed $6000 to the building expenses as a grant on the usual conditions, and on 3rd November he himself laid the foundation stone of the new College. The original structure was a two-story building, but a third was added in 1898 for the accommodation of boarders.

Three years after completion of the building, the wings were added. In 1903, a further addition was made to the Buildings greatly improving its appearance, in fact, rendering it imposing: the two wings which gave additional accommodation for over 100 pupils while relieving the congestion.

Excellent Performance of Josephians

The material deficiencies having been overcome, intellectual progress soon followed. Our boys performed outstandingly in the examinations under the grant-in-aid scheme and syllabus. The Governor Sir George Bowen himself complimented the boys at a prize-giving ceremony on 12th January 1884. When Brother Ivarch-Louis took charge of St. Joseph's College, the prominentplace among the leading educational establishments in the Colony and its influence radiated through all the countries of the far east.

The three higher classes prepared their students for the Oxford University Examinations, namely Senior, Junior and Preliminary, and it was quite usual to see St. Joseph's College heading the results list both in quantity and quality.

Celebrating the Silver Jubilee - 1906

In 1906, His Lordship Bishop Pozzoni celebrated the Silver Jubilee wih a mass at the College. The celebration of the Papal Jubilee took place in 1908. In 1911, further improvement was made by the laying out of the new recreation ground.



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